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miracle grounds coffee




It is the result of a miraculous sequence of events. The miracles began in 1913 when two medical doctors, Eustace and Mary Sloop, arrived on horseback in our charming mountain hamlet of Crossnore to provide in their words doctoring for the simple mountain folks. Dr. Mary Martin Sloop soon began what became a 40 year crusade to end child marriages, rid the mountains of moonshining and improve educational opportunities for the impoverished mountain children. Her many colorful stories of the early years of this boarding school for children who had so many odds against them are chronicled in her memoir, Miracle in the Hills.

Crossnore continues to be a place of hope and healing a place of miracles for children from families in crisis. A few short years ago, the shop you are standing in was a broken and abandoned old building, standing in ruin in the midst of our tiny town.

Today, fully restored and once again serving as a gathering place for our community reminds us of the One who can make all things new. This quaint building now houses the working vocational classroom for The Crossnore School providing students with hands-on experience in the running of a business.

coffeeThe coffees have been carefully selected from all over the world, many of them organically grown and all purchased in fair-trade business agreements by our friend Conrad who roasts them for us in nearby Boone. This cup of coffee is changing the lives of the children in the village where the coffee was grown and is changing the lives of the children in this village where the coffee is brewed.

crossnore coffee
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